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Wellspring was created to serve people suffering pain. Whether you have been referred by your primary physician or are researching Wellspring for yourself or someone you care about, there are a few things you should expect to be different.

The medical team is best known for its customized invasive and non-invasive treatment techniques. Wellspring’s mission is to determine the source and type of pain being experienced. To treat and heal the source and cause of pain is our goal.

If diagnosis and treatment are unsuccessful, our mission then becomes to successfully monitor and manage pain according to each patient’s individual needs.

Acute pain, such as pain resulting from trauma, often has a reversible cause and may require only transient measures and correction of the under lying problem. In contrast, chronic pain often results from conditions are difficult to diagnose and treat. Some pains may take a long time to reverse.

Often, pain pathways are set up to transmit the sensation of pain even through the underling condition or injury that originally caused pain has healed.

In such situations, the pain itself is frequently managed separately from the underlying condition of which it is a symptom. In such cases, the goal may become to manage only the pain without the treatment of any underlying conditions.

Higher levels of pain treatment knowledge, pain management expertise, and medical technology combine at Wellspring to deliver better physical and psychological pain results for you.

Wellspring patients and referring physicians trust Dr. Robertson’s extensive experience with various aspects of acute and chronic pain conditions.

A professional team approach to treatment and management results in the alleviation of most pain.


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